April 30, 2016


Youth Pride Inc. provides a safe space where young people can learn, engage, and grow. For many, Youth Pride is the first place where they can be themselves, regardless of their sexual or gender identity. Youth come together from a wide range of backgrounds and connect with one another over common issues and activities, sometimes as simple as playing video games or sharing a meal. But, in the end, they walk away transformed.

The Challenge

Youth Pride needed V+R Digital’s assistance in providing website hosting, a user friendly content managment system (CMS) for back-end and in-house updates, access to their web analytics and their calendar of events showcased on their front page. They last updated their website in 2006. Youth Pride’s goal was to create a new site that was fun, youthful, vibrant and informative.

The Solution

We provided them with a CMS Platform and training to make website updates in addition to hosting and an embedded Google calendar of events on their front page. In addition, with the new access to analytics, they are now able to see and understand what methods are effective and what changes we can make as a team to assure the site is serves its purpose.

Youth Pride Inc.

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