Need a New Logo? 6 TIPS to Consider

Need a new logo? Here are a few things to consider.

Target Market
Knowing your target market or existing market is crucial to the creation of your logo. It will impact how it should be designed. For example if you want to reach teens, you’re not going to want a stuffy looking logo – it won’t have appeal to them. You need a youthful, fresh, and vibrant design.If your demographic is senior citizens, font size, visual clarity and simplicity will be key. Sharing this information with the company or individual you are working with will be helpful so be prepared to know this data.

Sources of Inspiration
It is helpful to do a little research on logos that appeal to you and logos you would like to be aligned with for your company branding. These sources should be presented to the company or individual you are working with in order to start a conversation about the pros and cons of your existing sources. That way you can gauge if this artist is the right fit based upon how that conversation goes and if you agree with the direction they would like to go in. Truth is whether the company or individual is the best or not is debatable based on personal opinion; what isn’t is your opinion. So stick to what you know and follow your gut. The right artist is able to listen and deliver based on what you say and don’t say.

Color Scheme
Color studies are real. Different colors evoke different feelings in people. Psychologist have studied this and the information is out there. Artistically certain colors compliment each other and color balance must be maintained when designing a logo. Saying you want a blue logo is helpful however that can interpret to many things for an artist because there are many types of blues. However a good artist knows fairly quickly which colors will make sense for your brand or which colors will pair nicely with your existing logo in order to carry out your message to the masses.

Look and Feel
A good logo design should transcend time. Whether you want to portray fun, serious, intellectual, or hi-tech — your logo should be an instant classic. Trust that the person or company you hire are artists who are able to translate your and your customer’s needs into captivating imagery via letters and sometimes symbols. It’s a skill to capture feelings, objectives and goals via lettering and symbols that should be handled by a professional. Remember, a logo comes before a business card or signage, not the other way around. This isn’t a step you can afford to skip.


Remember you get what you pay for and your investment will show. The masses may not fully understand why something looks cheap or doesn’t appeal to them necessarily but when it’s off they know it. When you have a low quality, blurry, pixelated or dated logo; there’s no public appeal. It’s hard for consumers to take a company serious if they haven’t invested in a high-quality logo. A complete re-design isn’t always in order if you have an existing logo.

Scalable Vector
Ideal file formats you want to receive your logo in are .ai (Illustrator), .pdf (Portable Document File), or .svg (scalable vector graphic). The illustrator file is not necessary but it wouldn’t hurt. You would need to have access to Adobe Illustrator via your in-house creative team or by purchasing it (not really required but if you’re a control freak – why not). A PDF file is perfectly acceptable, what’s cool about that is you can open it up in any resolution based upon what you’re working on. A .svg file is for web, it’s the best format for logos because it’s scalable vector. What is a scalable vector? Great question. E-mail us for more information.