Web Designer vs.Web Developer

Many people use the terms interchangeably however they are two distinctly different things. A Web Designer is a front end developer or a graphic designer with a familiarity of current web site design standards. A web developer, however is on the back end of the production and handles all the behind the scenes coding, programming and functionality.

Think of a web designer as a fashion stylist, the kind that picks out your outfits. Makes sure your clothes fit well and that your brand is being represented correctly. They ensure that the message you want to get out to the general public and customers is being projected (reflects outward). Your web developer is the equivalent of your personal trainer and nutritionist. They make sure you’re doing the right set of workouts depending on your goals, and nourishing your body with the right foods based upon the results you want.

There are many different ways your website can look and function. Your objective could be to rank number one in a Google search or to freshen up your company image and have a stronger social media presence. You could even want to know some user demographics based upon who visits your website and respond accordingly based on the findings. Alternatively, you could want to track your various marketing campaigns and sales channels and measure results in order to redistribute your advertising dollars effectively.

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