15 Things to Consider When Selecting a Domain Name

I have a domain and hosting, now what?
Congrats! You have taken it upon yourself to register your domain name and buying a hosting plan for your website! However, there are pros and cons to this scenario. Let’s discuss 5 pros first, 5 cons and 5 other things you want to consider when selecting your domain name.

1. No one else can steal your domain name, you’ve claimed it first.
2. You got it with a coupon or on sale and paid very little, that’s awesome!
3. You have access to the technical end of your site (assuming you know how to navigate this terrain)
4. You hold the ownership and the only way to lose it is to stop paying for it, so you’re in control of this role.
5. You can start designing your own site! You’re on your way to greatness, congrats again!

6. You’re not sure what you just did or what you got yourself into and don’t know what your next steps are. Help!
7. You may not have purchased the best domain name for your company
8. You’re paying too much for hosting services.
9. You’ve over-purchased domain names because paranoia kicked in.
10. You go with an inexpensive new company that may not be around next year and you lose your domain, unable to get it back. (It’s happened to us, trust us, it’s not a fun place to be)

I’m ready to purchase my domain

There are many things to consider when purchasing a domain name.


11. The Likelihood of customers/clients misspelling your URL.
12. Easy to remember and dictate spelling, letter by letter.
13. The simplest form of your company name, you don’t want an extra long URL, more possibilities for error while typing.
14. Remember your domain name will also be part of your new professional email, it has to make sense and be cohesive with your existing brand.
15. The correct extension, .com, .org, .biz, .tv, .me…there are many to choose from, how do you know what’s right for your business?

If you’ve like for us to give you feedback on your existing domain purchase, we’ll be more than happy to give you our expert opinion. Hosting is a different subject for a different day, however, know that it varies based on your needs and there are many things to consider. Ready to talk about it? We’re here.

 I’m ready to Purchase my domain