April 27, 2014


A website is a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web regarded as a single entity, usually maintained by one person or organization and devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics. Woah, this is why stuff like this should be up to us!

Custom Website Design: We will design a custom, responsive design website that reflects your brand, products, and the needed functionalities as well as captivate your target audience. We include 3 hours of training and you will have unlimited access to add, remove or change content to website.

E-commerce Website Design: Want to sell things on your website? Your website design and page set-up affect the way your products sell. We will design a website with customized features to best suit your products. You will also have complete control of your store and access to reports when you need them.

Hosting: Our monthly hosting package includes customized company e-mails, trouble-shooting should something break, updates and changes to the website.

Analytics: On-going management, detailed reporting and interpretation. That means that we will analyze your website data to understand trends across your site and identify challenges and opportunities. We will also provide a strategy for improving your website based on the following information:

  • Who is visiting the site?
  • How did they find your website?
  • Popular content and pages
  • How are they navigating through the website?
  • Where are you losing your visitors?

SEO: Want to be found on Google? This is what you need! We will develop a complete and clear strategy which includes keyword research, website analysis, content development, on-page optimization (Meta and Title tags), article submission, directory creation, directory submission, social bookmarking and link building.

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