May 3, 2014


I am passionate about the web, content first design, and mobile first development built upon open source technologies.

I have spoken at many large events and for companies both massive and small. After the first five minutes I absolutely love it.

microphoneSome of the topics I have spoken on are:

  • Advanced color correction using Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML5 responsive front end development
  • 3D rendering with Adobe Illustrator
  • WordPress theming
  • UX design workflows for modern design agencies
  • Drupal 7 theme development
  • Interactive PDF creation with Adobe InDesign
  • Information architecture and content strategy
  • Migrating to open source web solutions

Best gig ever was speaking at the CRE8 conference – Miami Beach! Just a few hours of *work* each day and the rest of the time was free. So cool, please invite me again…no, seriously – please.