April 30, 2016

Hope Academy

The Hope Academy is a public mayoral charter school open to Providence and North Providence students from Kindergarten to First Grade in the 2015-2016 school-year. Over the next seven years, it is our vision to create an innovative Kindergarten through Grade 8 school designed to ensure academic success as our students go on to secondary education and become lifelong learners.

The Challenge

The Hope Academy reached out to V+R in quite a haste. They needed to transfer their domain and start hosting with a new company and only had 2 weeks to do it. We were excited and definitely up for the challenge. As soon as we began the work, they expressed several issues with the website and their inability to understand how to make certain updates.

The Solution

After considering and discussing many options, we decided that a new website design would be the best and most cost efficient way to address their issues. We were able to design and move their website as well as properly train the staff in a matter of two weeks. They couldn’t be happier.


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